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Drs. Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis have been professional astrologers for more than thirty years. They have lectured internationally on Astrology, Geomancy, Feng Shui and Natural Healing. Well known for their ground-breaking work in the areas of locational, directional, and medical astrology, their hundreds of articles have been published internationally. They have been popular astrological columnists, radio and television guests and seminar leaders. They are also the authors of the books, ‘From Gaia with Love, A Guide to Astro Herbology', ‘Feng Shui and the Tango in Twelve Easy Lessons', and ‘Feng Shui American Style', as well as the upcoming ‘Feng Shui Fuzion: Happiness Lessons', ‘Multi Level Wellness: The 10 Minute Herbalist' and ‘Multi Level Wellness: Good Health is Easy'.

Some Improvements We Have Made to Planetary Calendars: When we took over the authorship of the calendar we moved from the manual calculations used by the previous astrologers to computer-calculated figures. This allows us to compensate for global curve and resulting variations in latitude, as well as minor longitudinal variations, all through the use of complex logarithms. In that way we are able to produce very exact times.We have also added the retrograde and direct motions in the individual day blocks since this is especially helpful information.

In preparation for taking over the authorship of the calendar we thoroughly investigated the original forecasting model. While we have stayed with the original concept, we have incorporated interpretation material that includes the influence of the powerful Fixed Stars, the Essential Dignities and Receptions, as well as some advanced interpretational techniques that have been confirmed as important by modern statistical analysis. This gives the analysis of the calculations added depth and effectiveness that is in line with the methods currently used in world-class astrology.

Another way that the calendar is unique is that we prepare it as a couple, allowing us to consult and double check our work. We input the data and interpretations directly into the electronic Quark™ documents, working from the astrological calculations from the program Solar Fire™. This eliminates mistakes made in transcription from the hardcopy into typesetting, a common problem when handling astrological data.

We have used this calendar for many years and we have endeavored not to change its style, while at the same time improving its performance as a forecasting tool. More than thirty years as professional astrologers has given us an idea of what we would like to see in an astrological calendar and that is an aspect of our efforts here.

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