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Carole Cherry has been publishing Planetary Calendars since the 1999 edition. During this decade, she has gone from just publishing the calendar to offering a variety of astrology services, including weekly emails and weekly radio updates as well as astrological reports and consultations. Based in California's Bay Area, we are a family operation (the Authors are my parents) and we used this calendar for a long time before we started printing it..

For those of you who have been with us for the entire decade, let us say thank you so much for your help and kind support. We started doing this calendar to keep it alive for those of you, who like us, love it so much. It's a pleasure to keep this wonderful calendar alive and to help it expand and grow.


Many of you have been following the kids as they grow. Iris is nearly 17 and Lily is nearly 13. Our neighbor has dubbed them Thunder and Lightening, which oddly suits them quite well. Many of you know we have autism in the house - it seems each of us are dealing with varying degrees, but Iris is quite severely autistic.
She has been the inspiration for another venture of mine. Please check out to learn more.

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or learn more about the calendar's history or our authors.

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