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Planetary Calendar History

As far as we know, the first Planetary Calendar was created by Louis Pigeon (1909-1995), at the age of 35.  The first published edition was 1949 - by this time Louis was 40 years old and living in California.  The original calendar was similar to what we are producing today, although it did not include time information (for void of course moon or when the moon changes signs), holidays, or Sun Sign descriptions.  The original calendar also used a color system to mark positive and negative days and aspects. 

The 1992 calendar was the last one produced by Louis Pigeon, who died on December 21, 1995. His step-son, Jerry Northbrook started researching and producing the calendar in 1992, and produced 1993 through 1998, in his home state of Arizona. When we received our 1998 order, we were informed that he would not be producing another calendar. 

We were very upset to hear about this - as were many other clients, we found out later. We contacted Jerry, determined not to lose our wonderful tool, and wound up buying the business and have been producing the calendar since the 1999 edition.  While Jerry no longer does the Astrological research for us, Planetary Calendars continue with renowned astrologers Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis, as astrological authors - adhering very closely to Louis Pigeon's original style.

In recent years, we have added to the calendar, to include an eclipse table (alongside our retrograde table) and Meteor Shower peak dates. We added many world religion holidays, in honor of the message of connectivity that the new Age of Aquarius brings. We have adapted to techonology and now provide alternate formats of the calendar - for day planners, smart phones and iPad type tablets. We have started a line of astrological gifts, through our Zazzle store and we are working on a new version of the calendar that will have more room in the date boxes, but still retain as much information as possible.

We have received many, many letters from excited clients, thanking us for continuing the calendar.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their encouragement, well wishes and support!

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