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I love to do astrological consultations for folks, but the finances of it always present a problem for me. To get around that, I have come up with a plan: I will do email consultations, as my time allows, and in return, I am hoping you will use my new Tip Jar, to make contributions, so that I can continue to help out in this manner. I know some folks charge from $60-$300 for consultations but I would rather ask you to donate what you can and what you think this service is worth to you.

Feel free to email me for more information on personal consulting services or if you have trouble with this form (it seems to be acting up since we had to switch servers - sorry!)

I can also email computer generated reports for you as follows:

Basic Natal Chart: graphic representation of your Birth Chart - $5
Basic Natal Interpretation: written description of Birth Chart - $10
Basic Synastry Report: written description of 2 Birth Charts combined in a relationship - $15
(great for couples, siblings, children and parents, etc.)
Basic Transit Report: written description of your Birth Chart coupled with a day's aspects - $15
(great for birthday or problem solving)
Monthly Transit Reports: written descriptions of transits a Birth Chart encounters during the month,
indicating the days you will feel them most, almost like a horoscope - $10 per month or $100 per year


If you are interested in any of these services, please fill out this form to submit your information:
Your Name: email:
Type of Report: Fee:
Name on Chart: Birthdate:
Birth Place: Birth Time:
2nd Name on Chart: Birthdate:
Birth Place: Birth Time:
For Monthly Transit Reports: What months do you want to receive?
*We'll do payment on the next screen
Questions or comments? email us
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