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There is a popular saying - "Timing is everything" - that perfectly explains using Planetary Calendars. When we start a project on a bad day - a day when our team is low or our boss is arguing with his wife - the whole thing gets off on the wrong foot. When we start a project on the right day - when everyone is focused and there is no distracting personal drama - not only does the project get done more easily, but the initial plan usually winds up better thought out and ultimately, more successful. Planetary Calendars have been designed to give you lots of great information at a glance, to help you better schedule and plan your time and projects.

Planetary Calendars are not your standard Sun Sign or horoscope calendar - calendars that are focused on Capricorn's year or Cancer's year ahead - but a general astrological forecast that tells you so much more about what the energies are in the world on any given day. I mean, if everyone you know is the same sign, then the Sun Sign calendar might be better for you - but most of us know a wide range of people and the general overview of energy can be very helpful in dealing with our communities (personal, and professional) on a daily basis.

Each month begins with a general astrological "weather forecast," in easy to understand terms - written in the entertaining style of our Master Astrologers, Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis. We also include planetary ephemeris text for each month, detailing every planet's movement through the signs, including retrograde motion times and the time when the planets change signs. Every day on the calendar grid gives you exact aspects (both beneficial and challenging) happening on each day - and the first 10 pages are instructions and information about what the aspects, signs and planets mean. Every day on the calendar also shows planets that are well or ill aspected each day (follow your ruling sign to know what days are best for you) and our signature Circle and Box days, show you at a glance days that will be good or bad for everyone.

If you are a gardener, you may also be interested in planting by the Moon - did you know that planting on the right day can make the differece between a good crop and a bad one? Planetary Calendar gives detailed information on lunar position, time changes and void-of-course times to help you use this important information to your advantage.

Are you a star watcher? Planetary Calendars can help with that, too. Ever look up in the sky and see a goregous light twinkling right next to the Moon and wonder what planet it is? When I do, I look in Planetary Calendar to find what sign the Moon is in that day and what other planets are in that sign too (located in the monthly ephemeris text section) to find out whether is is Jupier or Venus or one of their friends so close to lovely Luna. In addition to that, we have added Meteor Shower Peak dates to our 2012 calendars, so you will know when to look up for shooting stars. We have also included information on planetary closest approaches (apogee), so there is a wealth of info for star gazers, as well.

We also include many holidays and world information - Daylight begin and end times for Europe, Canada and the USA and many world religion and regional holidays including special days for Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Baha'i, Zoroastrian, Sikh, Shinto, Jain, Confucian, Daoist, Native American, Materialism, and more (learn more about the holidays we include at

All of this information is so important and so helpful to so many people - we try to make it as easy and accessible as we can. We have electronic version of this great astrological calendar now available in PDF format - perfect for smart phone, computer or day planner use. Our publisher, Carole Cherry, even does regular free astrological emails to help people see what's coming up and understand the information in the calendar. Remember, too, that when we took over the publishing of this calendar, over a decade ago, we had been loyal users for almost as much time. We love this calendar and we enjoy the community it creates. We are pleased and proud to present each new year's edition (and happy to have for our own use, too!) but we are especially pleased with the 2012 edition of Planetary Calendars.

There has been much debate over the the Mayan Calendar coming to an end in December, 2012 - and as a calendar publisher, I have to say, it seems like the actual turn of the Age (the start of the Age of Aquarius). It's an exciting time to be alive and even more exciting for the astrological information we are delighted to share.

Order today and see what a difference Planetary Calendars can make for you, no matter who you are.

Everyone can schedule their time better for understanding the energies at play each day. No matter what your Sun Sign, this calendar will help you spot good and bad days for yourself or anyone you know.

Astrologers can personalize the information for anyone - it's like an easy to use ephemeris in the palm of your hand and at the ready (great for random "You're an astrologer - tell me what I can expect today / next week" questions).

Stargazers will love the Meteor Shower Peak dates. Planetary Calendars can also help you determine what the bright star in the sky is.

Filled with days to celebrate from a wide range of traditions - this is truly the calendar for the New Age. Get a closer look our beloved CMA Award Winning Calendar (received Most Informative award!) below.

Available in printed wall and pocket sized versions, computer, iPad, Nook or smart phone (like Droid, iPhone and Blackberry) and our printable .PDF version is for day planners (3 sizes! Fits most, including Franklin Covey, Day Runner and Day Timer) allowing you to have current astrological information with you wherever you go.

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